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Supported by European Union - Endorsed by the World Leisure Organization

The book has ben published!!!!

Here you can see some images of the previous book. The whole book will be uploaded soon, to get some ideas from it for our upcoming one!

Here you can download the full book:


Successful 3rd Editorial Camp 2-12 September 2014 in Mobile/ USA


Successful 2nd Editorial Camp in Roccacasale, Italy

This program took place from the 28th of May to 4th of June, 2014. The program was hosted by Open Space Italy and led by supervisors from various universities.


- YPBOL is on the the facebook. If you have any message, don't hesitate write to us!

- Spanish, Italian delegations bought the ticket to the camp.

- The host organization is awaiting pictures, links about favourite location, activities, lifestyle methods from participants to share the joy of young people. 



Jalloh's (Sierra Leone) favorite activity is cooking.

Hanna's (USA, 16) favourite activity is drawing.​


What is your favorite place to go out?

What is your popular activity to do in free time?

What is your favourite music, food, book, movie which you would recommend for others?


One of the first cover page plans for our book...

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